Thursday, July 22, 2010


You are experiencing a little Blog-overload. I had to hurry and add these updates as we're going on a nice long vacation to Minnesota with my family. We are SO ready for some relaxing at the beach and a slower-paced lifestyle for a week.
I'll post about our trip when we get back! Wish us luck, 6+ hours in a vehicle with Brady could be interesting!!!

Sweet Corn

We have had some really good sweet corn lately and Brady has loved trying it out himself. He is too funny as he's eating it. At first, he just wanted to chew on mine but then he started to want his own piece...little stinker does a pretty good job eating it!

New Favorite Toy!!!

I had been looking for a bigger basketball hoop for Brady as he LOVES shooting baskets (he tries to shoot at real baskets, it's SO cute!). Luckily for me last weekend Jenn called me and spotted one at a garage sale...she picked it up for us and it was only $3! What a steal! Brady LOVES it! He is a shootin' fool...maybe he'll be a basketball player like mommy someday!! :-)

Boys will be Boys!!!

Here are a few fun pics of all 4 neighbor boys playing in the water last weekend. They have such a fun time together! Brady loved the sprinkler and the pool!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Mr. Reader...

Brady loves to 'Read'...well he mostly flips through things and yells out words we can't understand but it's so cute to watch! Last week while we weren't looking, he climbed up on the chair, got a hold of the newspaper and was looking like such a big boy reading the paper...

He decided to take his paper and find a new location to read

Usuall when I can't find him, he is somewhere sitting down with a book...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Last weekend was Summerfest here in Ankeny! On Friday night we met up with the Waters and had dinner and then went to the Kiddie Parade. It was perfect! Lots of candy, cute kiddos and it was a SHORT parade! This was definitely the parade to go to! On Saturday we spent most of the day out at Jenn's parents place soaking up the sun, grilling and relaxing in the pool. Then we headed up to the Summerfest activities...ate some dinner, rode some rides and then hit up Sonic for some ice cream. It was a great weekend! Here are some pics! (I stole some from Jenn's Blog!! Thanks Jenn!)

Brady waiting for the parade to start

Picking up all the candy...however towards the end of the parade, he decided he was going to throw it back at the kids...what a goof!

On the Merry-go-round...he LOVED it! Had a huge smile on his face the entire time!

What's New...

It seems as though I usually only post about what we do on the weekends or fun things going on but I decided I'd just give an update on the 3 of us and what's going on in our lives...

Well most of you know that Wells Fargo Financial is closing, meaning that around 2,000 jobs in the DSM area alone will most likely be gone. Luckily, Andy is part of a small minority within the company that didn't lose his job. We feel SO lucky but feel terrible for many friends that aren't so lucky. We keep them in our prayers each night.
Andy is loving this summer weather! I swear the man is a lizard! He can be out in this heat and loves it! He has been enjoying running over his lunch hour and also washing the cars, doing yardwork, being at any pool and hanging out with family and friends.
For a while now he has been complaining of chest pains and has undergone 1 treadmill stress test (which is NOT fun at all...think high grade elevated treadmill and then increase your speed...yuk!). Well unfortunately it came back inconclusive. He was supposed to go in and do another one last week but had to cancel as he was called in for the Wells Fargo meeting instead. So this time he will be hooked up to more monitors to see if they can get a clear picture as to what is going on. Please keep him in your prayers. We'd just like to know once and for all what this is all about.

Well I am still loving my job here at Grand View. I keep pretty busy with helping the staff and faculty get healthy and have started some group exercise classes for them and they have been a hit so far! I am really looking forward to fall when we'll have football and soccer games to go to. I've gotten to know a lot of students here at GV (many work for me for work study) and can't wait to see them play sports starting in the fall. I know Brady will love going to the games too! I have still been doing Farrells and running in the early mornings with friends. I, unlike Andy, do not like it when it's SO hot out (well the heat is okay, it's the humidity I don't like)...could be because I sweat like no other!! Ha ha!
I am SO looking forward to our family vacation at the end of July. It's a great time up in Minnesota with a lot of family (aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, etc). The real adventure will be having Brady in a vehicle for the 6+ hour drive. We have already ordered travel DVD players and hope they get here very soon!!!

Well our little monkey LOVES being outside. Some days he is really good in the pool and loves it and others not so much...depends on his mood. He jibber jabbers up a storm and does not stay still for more than about a minute! He doesn't like to walk--he RUNS everywhere! He is sleeping really well for us (hope I didn't just jinx it) and we are getting ready to ween him off of his pacifier. Right now he only gets it in his crib at nap or bed time...the next step is to slowly cut the paci back in stages and hopefully it will work! He will only drink milk or water (which I'm totally okay with) and would rather snack a lot than eat meals. He is so much fun to play with and he is starting to say real words...dada, mama, all done,'s so fun to see him become a little man!

Well that's a little update on us. I will post more with pictures to come!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

On Sunday morning after I finished a hot, muggy 10 mile run with Mollie, we loaded up and left for Gowrie. Due to the rainy weather we didn't do too much but were able to visit with Karl and Lisa and have a nice lunch. After it cleared off a little we headed to the carnival and the boys got to ride a couple rides. Brady LOVED the carousel...he got a little upset when the ride was over! Later that night (after putting Brady to bed), Andy and I headed uptown for the street dance. We had a great time visiting with people and listening to the DJ. Luckily there was no rain on Monday morning so we headed to the parade in Gowrie. It was a HOT one! Brady sweats like his mama, poor guy was drenched with sweat! After the parade we headed back to the house to cool off and have some lunch. Then all 3 of us took a nice nap. Once we were up, Allison (close family friend) stopped by with her 2 girls. It was great to see her and her beautiful girls! After some more visiting, it was time to head back was a great 4th! Here are some pics!

Brady and Jaxson playing with (or pestering??) Chester

Me and Holden

The boys loved it when Papa would spray the window!

Andy with the boys

A flag cake that I turned out!! Yay!

1st Carousel Ride

Papa with Brady and Holden

Andy and I enjoying the parade

Brady loved running around during the parade...and showing off!

Nana and Brady (with his candy sack!)

Friday, July 2, 2010

400th WIN!!!

On Thursday Brady and I headed back to Kimballton so we could go to the high school baseball game. My dad was coaching his possible 400th career win!!! They were playing a team they had beaten before but that never means it is a guaranteed win. However, they did manage to win in 5 innings 11-1! To say that Brady had fun at the game is a monstrous understatement!!!! He reminded me of myself when I was younger, playing at the ball field as that is where we spent ALL SUMMER! He was having a blast running around and of course being the entertainment for pretty much everyone at the game. During the JV game, he got to sit with grandpa in the dugout when the Spartans were out in the field, which Brady LOVED but when Grandpa had to go out and coach at 3rd base, Brady wasn't so was so cute, he would stand by the fence and cry out for grandpa and put his arms up cuz he wanted him to pick him up...After the JV game was over, Grandpa even let Brady run around on the field while he got it ready for the Varsity game...all of you that know my dad--this is HUGE!!! That baseball field is his 4th child, I swear! :-)
After the last out of the game, his players surrounded him and my uncle Tom (his assistant coach) gave a really nice Congrats speech and I know my dad was really surprised with it all (he didn't even know Brady and I were coming back for the game) and the parents also got him a cake to celebrate! It is such an awesome accomplishment and we are so proud of him!
Here are some pics!

The team congratulating him and listening to Tom's speech

Coaching at 3rd Base

Brady in the back of Great Uncle Doug's truck

Brady was chomping at the bit for Grandpa to pick him of course he had to be in the pictures!

Yay! 400 WINS!!!

Brady playing on the field

Taryn and Brady playing in the back of Grandpa's Truck

Wearing Grandpa's Hat

He had to get in on the baseball game the kids were playing!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thank Goodness the rain has stopped!

With so much rain last week, we were stuck inside most of the week...Here are a few fun pics!

I really want to go outside mommy!!!

Daddy, will you let me go outside???

Silly Face!