Sunday, November 22, 2009

Living History Farms

Well this is what I looked like after the race!!! We had SO much fun! I had a small group from Wells Fargo train and run the race this year. We met before the race to take some 'Before' pictures (which are on a disposable camera...I'll scan them in later) and to run together. One big attraction this year was that Rebecca from Biggest Loser came with our group, although she wasn't able to run because she has the finale in just 2 weeks and she didn't want to get injured. She is good friends with my HFS, Whitney. It was so great to see her--she looks AMAZING! You will all have to watch the finale! And she is as sweet as can be! As you can see by the picture, we had a lot of fun making sure we all got covered in mud! You run through creeks, climb muddy hills and run through pasture...SO fun!
Andy was such a good hubby--he dropped me off for the race and picked me up! The traffic is so hectic at this race so that really helped. We were planning on running some errands after the race so luckily Stephanie was at home so I could shower before going anywhere!
I'm already excited for next year!

Who Needs Toys....

...when you can play with socks? Brady's favorite things to play with lately are his socks! What a silly boy! He will be in a room full of toys but once he has his shoes off, he works so hard to get his socks off and then plays with them...

He likes to crawl with one in each hand...

make silly faces....

Take a break from crawling, put one in each hand and wave them around...
And for some reason kiss the floor! Good thing we sweep every day!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cousin Fun

Today we ventured down to Melcher to see my brother Chris, his wife Jessica and our niece Cadence. It had been a while since we had seen them so it was great to catch up and see our cute niece. It was so fun getting Brady and Cadence together. They are only 4 months apart in age but in size, it seems like they're a year apart. She is just a little thing wearing 3-6 month clothes and our 'all-boy' Brady is in 12-18 month clothes. Ha ha! They laughed at each other when they first got on the floor together and somewhat chased each other for a while. We were worried Brady would beat up on her but he was really good. He only tried to use her head as leverage to stand up one time! ha ha! We had a great lunch, visited and the kids played. Family Christmas will make the Petersen household very active this year!

Look at those blue eyes!!!

They both played with the monkey

Little Miss Cadence--senior pose!

On the way home...Brady LOVES his monkey!

11 Months Old

On November 6th our baby turned 11 months old. I can hardly believe that in one month he will be 1 years old! He can do so much now and is SO fun! He can stand up, crawl all over the place, clap, blabber (VERY loudly) and entertain us with every minute. He is such a blessing and we love him more and more each day!


Brady's new favorite toy at Grandma and Grandpa Petersen's is their rocking horse. He had so much fun riding on it (with Grandma's help). We were so glad they could watch Brady while we went to Omaha...Thanks again!

I like to pet the horsey

Faster Grandma!!!!


Friday started a very busy weekend for the Cathcarts. Andy left work early and we headed back to Kimballton so we could drop Brady off and continue on to Omaha so we could attend my good friend Sunita's surprise 30th birthday party. Her husband set everything up and she was very surprised. Her birthday was about a month ago but when her actual big day arrived she was scheduled to have their second son just a few days later. So she was able to leave the little guy (Carter) at home and come out for some fun. It was great seeing her and we also got to see Scott and Abby. We wish we could make it over to Omaha more often...we miss those guys!!! While we were having fun in Omaha, Brady was having fun entertaining Grandma and Grandpa. He wore them out by playing some fun chase games and being on the go so much!

The Big Surprise

Me and the birthday girl

Sunita, Abby and me---miss those girls!

What a good looking guy!
Me and Abs


Last Sunday up at Nana and Papa's house, Brady reached a big milestone...he stood up for the first time. He would pull himself up, let go of his hands and stand for a second or two and then fall on him bum. He did this over and over again and has continued doing it all week. He's getting to be such a big boy!

Look, mom...only 1 hand!