Friday, November 28, 2008

Busy Day!!!

Well I have had one busy day today! After a restless night of sleep and waking up at 1:30 a.m. I decided that I might as well get up and take advantage of some Black Friday shopping--what was I thinking?? I decided that I'd hit up Kohls and was there at 3:50 a.m. (they open at 4:00 a.m.). Needless to say, there was quite a line to get in. Once in the store, it was a free for all! I got the few things I had came for and did some looking around. Then the fun began--I waited in line to pay for 1 1/2 hours!!! Yikes! It got pretty comical towards the end and at least the people I was in line with were fun. There were 3 of us pregnant girls and right beside me was a labor and delivery nurse from our hospital--so we all got to gabbing. Once again I was the only one not knowing what we're having. The other two ladies are having baby boys. After heading home with my deals I decided to go into work for a couple of hours and then went to my doctor's appointment. Andy was able to leave work for a while to come with me. Not much has happened but I am 50% efaced (or thinned out) so that was a little reassuring. We are just very anxious for Baby C to be here! I'd love to not have to go into work on Monday but that may be wishful thinking!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We hosted Thanksgiving at our house with the Cathcarts yesterday and had a great time–it was fabulous not to travel! We had some great food and then got entertained by Mr. Jaxson. After we were all full from a great meal and dessert we headed to the Festival of Trees and Lights in downtown Des Moines. It was neat to see all the different decorated trees and Jaxson got to ride on the Choo Choo train. Andy and I came home after that and just relaxed until it was time to head for bed.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Blog!

Well I have been having troubles downloading pictures (again!!) on our Blogsome account so I've made the switch to this new blog site.

Here are my 37-38ish week photos!