Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fun Weekend!

We have had a great weekend! I've been able to have lots of 'Girls' time which has been a ton of fun. On Friday night Jen and I headed over to Ashley's for a great stir-fry dinner and to watch the new movie in the Twilight Series (New Moon). She got a sneak peak copy, the movie doesn't come out on DVD for another month so we were lucky that we were able to see it so early. We had a great time catching up with some wine and girl time. All the boys came over to our house and were in charge of the kiddos. They had a good time hanging out too!
On Saturday Brady and I headed to Polk City to the Reising Sun Cafe to meet up with my friend Jenny and her baby boy, Rocco. He is just too cute! We had a great time catching up over coffee and Brady loved running around the cafe, he is getting harder to take places, that's for sure! The cafe/coffee shop is such a cute place, we will definitely be going back there! The rest of Saturday we ran some errands, got some groceries and laid low.
Today we went to church and it is quite an experience with Brady. He wants to run all over the place, not sit still, yell during prayer time, etc. We tried our best to keep him entertained and luckily our church is very laid back so he could run around in the back, etc. After church the girls (Jen, Ashley, Meggie and myself) headed to the movie theater to see the movie 'Dear John'. We had read the book and were so excited to see the movie. The movie was great! It was different than the book and the ending was TOTALLY different but was still good! I think we all shed a few tears! After the movie we all went home and we've been getting ready for another busy week.
I'm sending some Good Luck vibes to my uncle as his Exira Vikettes are playing to go to state tomorrow night...I would love to be able to see them play at the state tournament! Good Luck Tom!

Brady, Rocco and Jenny

Jenny and Rocco

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hat Time

Brady has been infatuated with hats lately...Here are some fun pics of him sporting both daddy's and mommy's hats...

Happy Valentine's Day!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Our weekend didn't start out too well. On Thursday afternoon Brady came down with a stomach bug. The poor guy was puking his little guts out. He was scared when he'd throw up and then after. He clung to me like his life depended on it. Needless to say, I took the day off Friday and he and I spent the day cuddling. I love that he wanted me so much and wanted to snuggle all day, I just wish it wasn't because he was sick. This nasty bug went through pretty much all the kiddos at daycare and most of the parents as well. Andy came down with it on Saturday while we were at his parents for a family gathering. We were only able to stay in Gowrie for a few hours then we came home so he didn't infect anyone else. So Saturday night Brady and I took care of daddy. We also had a little Valentine's date. Brady and I ran some errands and went out for dinner together (okay so it was McDonalds but it still counts as a date, right?). I'm not a fan of McDonalds but it has a play place and Brady LOVES watching kids play. So, very little eating was done but he had a great time!
Yesterday Andy was starting to feel a little better. We spent most of the day just laying low and relaxing. We did exchange some small gifts and will go out to celebrate another time since he was sick. Of course he had something all planned out but the stomach bug stops for no one! I did get my favorite--tulips!

Brady with his Valentine's Day Goodie Bag from daycare

Eating his V-day cupcake!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Catch up Time...End of an Era...

We have been pretty busy lately and the blog has suffered...same old story, I know! Anyway, last weekend we had a great time! On Friday Brady and I headed back to Kimballton and got to go to Grandpa Petersen's basketball was the last home game for his girls team and the last time that EHK will only be EHK in basketball again...starting this fall EHK and Exira will be combined in all sports and will most likely completely consolidate schools in 2011. It was fitting that the last home game was against Exira (the team my uncle coaches for)...My uncle's team is very good (rated #2 in state) and let's just say that EHK has been going through a 'rebuilding' of sorts, which is hard for my dad and also hard to watch...Basketball at EHK used to be known across the state and losing rarely (if ever) happened. As a former player and coach's kid, it's hard to see such a lack of effort (or desire), especially when you helped build up the dynasty it once was. But now things are different and next year my dad and uncle will be co-coaching together. I think it's a good move for both schools, they are both small and have declining no more Danes and Lady Danes...they will be the EHK-E Spartans (they were together for football, new mascot, new colors, etc) and it seems both communities have embraced the change which is great!

On Saturday Brady and I headed to Omaha to see Abby, Sunita and their kiddos. Sunita had her second baby boy in October and Abby had her 3rd baby (a boy) on December 30th. She likes to have her babies on days that are easy for me to remember...her 2nd child (AJ) shares a birthday with Brady and Rylen (#3) was born the same day as our nephew Holden. We had a great time getting all the kids together, all 6 of them!!! Poor Gwen was the lone girl but she is a great big sister and was SO helpful! After a great visit we headed home. We had a nice family dinner at our fav mexican restaurant. On Sunday we did some shopping and ran errands...on to another busy week!!!

Rylen and Carter...both dressed in guitars...LOVE it!

All 6 kiddos! Gwen, Rylen, Brady, AJ, Caden and Carter

Play time!