Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer is here!!!

Although last week was super hot, we are so glad summer is finally here! Last week was a busy one for us but Brady and I were able to go to the pool on Thursday. We had a great time! He just loved watching all the kids playing. If he wasn't so fair skinned we would have stayed much longer but I could tell he was getting some sun so it was time to go! We had a really nice weekend as well. On Saturday I had my Farrells class and then my 5 week testing (mid-point). I am very happy with my results so far!!! Then I headed over to Meggie's for a Pampered Chef party. After the party we headed to Costco to get a few things, which is always madness on a Saturday! that evening we headed over to our neighbor's/friend's Becky's for a celebration for her 30th birthday and for her finishing up yet another degree! It was lots of fun and she had such an array of food! Luckily it was my 'free' day! Yesterday was pretty low key. We ran some more errands and did things around the house. We were going to try to go to the pool but it was too windy. Oh well, hopefully this week Brady and I can go again!

I'm a big boy---can you see my 2 bottom chompers???

One of my favorite toys to play with

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the daddys out there! We had a great weekend! On Friday we went over to our friends/neighbors Bryce and Meggie's house. The girls (Jen, Ashley, Meggie and I) had orchestrated quite the day for the boys to show our appreciation to them. So we set up the barbecue Friday night so we could tell them their big surprise! We had arranged 18 holes of golf at Legacy golf club. We took care of their Tee-time, green's fees and carts ahead of time so that all they had to do was show up and have a great time. We gave them their golf certificates on Friday and told them they were golfing at 9:00 a.m. the next morning! They were very surprised and very happy at the idea of a guy's day out! We told them to take their time and get some lunch afterwards too! So while Andy was golfing, Brady and I did a little shopping and also went to my cousin Rachel's softball game that was in Ankeny. It was HOT out! When the boys got home from golfing they were pretty tired so I told Andy to go and take a nap (it was still his day and I wanted him to enjoy it!). Then yesterday we went out for breakfast and had a nice relaxing family day. Now it's on to work again...yuk!

Happy Father's Day Honey! You're such a great daddy. Brady is so lucky to have you for a father and I am so blessed to have you as a husband.

Brady's first picture with daddy

I love you daddy!

We do fun things together!

Like swimming...
You're the best daddy!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Well on Thursday we were informed that our current daycare provider will be closing her doors effective June 26th. It was quite an email to get at work I must say. It was just a tad stressful and I was pretty much useless at work after that as I was wondering what in the world we were going to do. I didn't want to start the search from scratch yet again. So I called my friend Jen to see if her lady had any openings as about a month ago she did have one. I was crossing my fingers and after a few phone calls we set up a time to meet with her on Sunday. So we all headed to meet her and her husband. The meeting went great and long story short---we have a new daycare provider! Her location is sooo much better, it's right on our way to work so that will be a nice change. She lives out on a farm/acreage and Brady will have tons of space to play! We are so excited for him to start! He will have his friends Jackson and Joel there too! It will be great for him to have those two older boys around. So a stressful situation has come to an end! Yay! And a big thanks to our friends Jen and Jon who recommended her!!! :-)

Neighborhood Block Party

We had our 3rd Annual Ledgestone Block Party this past Saturday. We had a really good time! It's nice to live in a neighborhood full of young couples with young children. We have quite an array of professions in our neighborhood as well. We always feel pretty safe as we have a fire cheif, police sargeant, another police officer, a few nurses and now a pediatrician. So we do have a few connections and were able to have a couple cops come out so the kids could see their cars and so the adults could ask some questions, etc. We were reassured of just how safe Ankeny is. It's one of the safest suburb by far with the lowest crime! Yay! They also shared some of the weirdest calls they've had...very interesting! After the police officers left we had a firetruck and ambulance some for the kiddos as well. We have had a pediatrician move into the neighborhood in the past couple of weeks and she actually works at the same clinic we take Brady to. After some good barbecue it was time to put Brady in bed. The boys (Andy, Jon, Travis and Bryce) decided they wanted some 'guys' time so everyone came over to our house to continue the party. The ladies basically took the kids home and went to bed. We're looking forward to next year's party!

Hopefully this is the closest Brady will get to a cop car!

Brady sitting like a big boy with the twins (Joel and Jackson) and Jen

Sitting in the firetruck

Family photo!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Coldplay Concert!!!

I was SO excited to go to the Coldplay concert last night and the show did not disappoint. It was AMAZING! We started out the night going to dinner with our friends Pete and Jill at Raccoon River Brewing Co. Kris came down for the night to watch Brady which we were so grateful for! The first band that played were from Australia and were really good...I just wish I could remember the name of the band! Then Snow Patrol hit the stage and were soooo good! They were a great opening act. Then the fun began when Coldplay hit the stage. They put on such an awesome show!!! The arena went crazy the whole show and the band even went up to the 2nd floor in the crown and performed a couple songs. I can't say enough great things about the show!!! We will make sure we go the next time they're even close to Iowa!!!

Getting ready for the show

Chris Martin (lead singer)...the pic is soo blurry because he covers so much of the stage during his performances. I couldn't get a clear shot!

During the song 'Yellow' a ton of yellow balloons filled with yellow confetti were relased into the was great!

Fun Friday

Andy and I both have this past Friday and upcoming Monday off work!! Yay! I also have Tuesday off as well as our baby-sitter will be gone. So on Friday we went on a little family picnic in Polk City. We went to the city park and decided to just check the town out as we've been contemplating where we want our next house to be. We are both in agreement that Ankeny is a great place to live but the schools are just too big. We want a smaller school for B-man and any future kids we may have. Brady got to go on the swings which he LOVES and he also got to go down the slide with daddy! It was a great time!

I think he likes it!

"I'm flying"


Andy was so excited this week when Brady was finally able to fit into some of the UNI things Andy's bought for him. He wants Brady to have Panther Pride...guess we'll see! :-) But he sure did look cute in his purple and gold!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

6 Months Old!

I know I say this every month but I can't believe Brady is 6 months old!! He is getting to be such a big boy and is amazing us every day. He can almost sit up by himself. He is starting to but just can't stay up for a long period of time. He is at such a fun age right now and we enjoy every moment we spend with him.

Our Little Monkey
One of his first photos---he's changed so much!!!

Fun with the Grandparents!

This week our daycare provider was gone on Thursday and Friday so Brady got a chance to have some fun with his grandparents! On Thursday Kris came down to watch Brady. They had a good time and luckily he was a good boy for her. Then on Thursday afternoon I met my mom half way so she could pick up Brady. My parents had him from Thursday until Saturday late morning. He stayed over 2 nights! He did great and I was so happy to hear that he was a good sleeper for them. I think they all had a lot of fun. It was nice for Andy and I to get 2 good nights sleep. On Friday we did a date night and had dinner and went to the movie 'The Hangover' which was hilarious! On Saturday we met my parents and Chris, Jessica and Cadence for lunch at Champps which was really good. It was great to see the little man after him being gone for 2 days. We sure did miss him! Later that evening we met the whole Cathcart clan for dinner at Granite City. That was really yummy too...After a trip to Babies R Us, Brady and I headed home and Andy went out with his good friend Josh. I think they had a good time. Hopefully the weather today perks up so we can get outside! Today is just a day of relaxing which I am really looking forward to!

Full Photo Session

Here is link to see our whole photo session from Brady's 6 month pictures and our family pictures as well.

Fun at the Park!

Last Wednesday when I got off work, Brady and I went to a park so he could go on the swings. He LOVES to swing so here are some pics of him!

This is fun mommy!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Picture Preview

We have gotten to see previews of our photography session and you can too!
I think they turned out great and I can't wait to see all of them once they're done.

To view the pictures visit this site:

Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Busy Weekend!

This past weekend was the big Dam to Dam race. I was a little nervous running it this year as it's the longest race I've done since before I was pregnant. The weather was a little warm but I was able to finish. Of course I would have been happier with a faster time but just to finish was good enough this year. Andy brought Brady down for his first Dam to Dam and I can't wait for him to do the kiddie races next year! After the race we walked around the Farmer's Market for a little bit but it was just so busy and with a stroller it is less than ideal. We laid low Saturday night by having dinner with our good friends Travis and Ashley. After dinner the Dillingers and Waters came over to our house for a little gathering. Since we all had had big days, it was an early night. On Sunday we got Brady's 6 months pictures and a family picture taken. I can't wait to see how they turn out! The rest of the day we ran some errands and did some things around the house. Now on to another busy week!

After the Dam to Dam Race