Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I love bananas!

Brady truly is our little monkey! He LOVES bananas. He eats at least one every day. And now he likes for us to give him the whole banana and he eats is like a big boy. He is also working on using silverware. He loves using his fork and spoon! He seems to prefer his left hand now but that most likely will change. We'll see! He's just getting so big!!!

He had to have Monkey sit by him while he ate...what a goof!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This & That....

We've been up to a lot lately! I'm over a week into my new job and I LOVE it! It truly is my dream job in my dream setting. I'm really excited to see where it takes me and it will be fun to get re-connected with University life!
We have been really enjoying March Madness. We had friends over for the Kansas vs. UNI game and the UNI vs Michigan State game. We had fun watching the games and cheering on the Panthers. They had a great season!
On Sunday we went down to Melcher-Dallas for Cadence's 1st Birthday party. It was a nice get together and it was fun to watch Cadence try to open gifts and it's always fun to see the cousins play together.
Below are some pics from the party...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Job!!!

Well tomorrow I start a new job. After 8 years in Corporate Fitness, it was time for a little change. I will be the Wellness Director at Grand View University. I am SO excited for this new endeavor. I have always wanted to be in an educational setting and Grand View is a great smaller University. It has such a family feel and it doesn't hurt that it's a Danish Lutheran college! I don't think it could be a better fit! This is a brand new position so the first couple of months will be just figuring out what I need to be doing, etc. I am excited for this new opportunity and a much shorter commute!!! It will be so weird working more regular hours (8:15 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.) No more super early mornings!!! Yay! So hopefully my first week goes well.

15 Month Pictures

A couple weeks ago we got Brady's 15 Month pictures taken...they turned out so cute. It only took us 1/2 hour to get all the pictures, he did great! Below are some of the pictures from our shoot! It's so hard to believe that he's 15 months old...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rice Krispies!

When Nana Kris came down on Friday, she brought a treat for Brady from Papa Steve...Here is Brady LOVING his treat! Note: We didn't let him have it all at once...

Open Wide!!!

Yum Yum!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

State Champs!!!

On Friday night Andy and I went to Wells Fargo Arena to watch the Exira Vikettes play in the 1A Championship game. My uncle Tom is the head coach at Exira and my brother Nick is the assistant coach. Earlier in the week we went to their games on Monday and Wednesday as well and were so excited that they were playing for the championship! The game was like a roller coaster! They ended up winning the game by a shot made at the buzzer! It was so crazy! We about had heart attacks. I am so happy for those girls and for the coaches. It was the final time they will ever wear an Exira jersey as EHK and Exira are now sharing all sports starting with track and golf.

We were lucky that Kris came down to watch Brady so we could enjoy the game and get to talk to Tom and Nick after the game. Everyone was on such a high from the game, it was awesome!!!

The final score

Rushing the girls

State Champs!

With their trophy

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hawkeye or Panther???

I think Brady's I supposed to be a Hawkeye or a Panther daddy?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Play Ball!

Brady's favorite toys these days are balls of any kind. He has a couple stuffed ones he loves to play with, a new one mommy got for him when he was good on a trip to Target and the ones that came with his 2 basketball hoops he has. He loves to throw them, hang on to them and loves it when mommy and daddy play catch with them...he just laughs and laughs!

Look mommy, this is a soccer ball!

Look where I can hide them!

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Night In...

Saturday evening we got together with our neighbors. It's always fun to get all the kiddos together and have some good food with great friends. We started our evening early so that when it was time for the little ones to go to bed, we called it a night. Always a great time! We are so lucky to have such a great neighborhood and such great friends that live SO close!!!

Here is Quadruple Trouble!!!


On Saturday we met my whole family for lunch at Applebee's in West Des Moines. We had a good time getting everyone together and Brady and Cadence had fun sitting in their highchairs by each other. It was so cute, they would take turns reaching for each other...after lunch we went to Jordan Creek Mall so the kids could play in the play area...little did we know that everyone else in the DSM area had the same idea.

Come on Grandpa, keep up!

Grandma and Cadence going down the slide

Brady loved running around the outside of the play area as much as inside...he kept Grandpa on his toes

Grandma and Grandpa with their grandbabies

Friday fun

On Friday Nana and Papa came down to see Brady and we went out for dinner at Bear's Restaurant in Ankeny. The food was great and we had a good time! Brady was the entertainer as usual and it's becoming more challenging taking him places...he wants to run around and can get very loud! But we will just have to get through this are some pics!

Reading with Nana and Papa

He LOVES to talk on the phone

He can even talk while he's walking