Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blog Hiatus--I'm back!

I have been the world's worst blogger lately but to be honest, I haven't really wanted to post.  We've been busy enjoying the summer and I actually haven't really taken any pictures with the exception of my IPhone.  So this picture update is via IPhone pics.  So here's a short recap of the last 6 weeks! :-)  Enjoy!
One weekend we sent Mason to my parents for a Brady-only weekend.  We went fishing, to a movie, to the pool, out for dinner, on a picnic...lots of fun stuff for him.  Here he is catching some fish!

We had a couple of crazy weeks with the boys.  Stitches, staff infection and Mason had a virus.  We spent lots of time with our doctor!
On the 4th we headed up to Gowrie.  Brady got hooked up with a ride around town on this fun fire truck!  He LOVED it!  He was able to ring the bell and do the siren.  He was in heaven!
Enjoying the parade!
We hit up the downtown Farmer's Market.  Brady got a cool Spiderman balloon creation!  Aunt JoAnna sure did spoil him!

Having some tasty treats at the Farmer's Market!
One weekend we dropped the boys off with my parents and headed on to Omaha for a Friday night much fun!! 

The next night we got a baby-sitter and attended our first (of many) Polk City Pub Crawls...SO much fun!!!
We've gone on lots of picnics and one of our favorite spots is Big Creek! 
Even Mason enjoys it!
We headed up to Minnesota for a fun family vacation.  Perfect weather and these two got a lot of cousin-playing time in.
Our resort has a ton of kid activities.  Here Brady got a super cool tattoo!  Purple and yellow were his color choices of course!
So cool!
I swear these two look more like brother and sister instead of cousins!  Here they are showing off their tattoos!
This little guy had a lot of fun exploring the resort grounds too!
I promise that is the last hiatus I will take for a while.  I do have more pics from our vacation to share but didn't want to overload you too much!!!