Sunday, November 11, 2012

Trick -or-Treating

Back when it was Halloween (which was a while ago, I know), the boys had a lot of fun Trick-or-Treating and here are some pics!

 Luke and Brady
 All the Kiddos!
Getting their Loot!

'Candy Fairy'
In an effort to not have a ton of candy in the house and to make sure Brady didn't eat too much, I found an idea on Pinterest about the 'Candy Fairy'.  Basically you have you child pick a few pieces of candy to keep (you pick the number, we went with 5) and the rest goes in a bag to be put by the front door and then the Candy Fairy comes (when your kiddo is asleep) and trades their candy for a toy.  So Brady was SO into it, he had no problem picking his 5 favorite pieces and was excited to see if the Candy Fairy would come and what she would bring him.  So to Brady's surprise, the Candy Fairy did come and left him a toy!!  We plan to do this for any holiday with lots of candy (Easter, etc).  Worked like a charm!!
 The Candy Fairy Came!!
He got some dinosaurs!  He was really excited and never mentioned his candy again!  I'd much rather he has a toy than candy any day...Daddy took the candy with him to work!

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