Tuesday, January 8, 2013


It is no secret that Brady has a friend and his name is Monkey.  He has had Monkey since he was about 2-3 months old.  He is SO attached to Monkey!  It started with him just wanting to sleep with Monkey and now he always has him with him.  We have had to start cutting back on letting him take him so many places, mainly for fear that if he were to lose him he'd be devastated and I don't know what we'd do.  A for the past 2-3 years we have tried to find a replica of Monkey but have had no luck at all.  Poor Monkey looks like he's been through the ringer (he looks anorexic!!  He needs some more stuffing!!)!!  This past week we decided that he can only have Monkey at home (he can't take him with to the grocery store, preschool and he even had to take him to his basketball game on Saturday).  So in the mornings he's been making Andy tuck him in or cover him up and he even asked Andy to leave the TV on for Monkey as they were leaving for daycare!  What a hoot!!!

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