Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas at Home

We were able to be at home on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning which is a tradition I really look forward to keeping since the boys are getting older, etc.  On Christmas Eve we had a really yummy dinner, the boys opened a package from Zephy (Elf on the Shelf) that had new PJ's for everyone, a couple Christmas books to read and hot chocolate!  So after dinner the boys put on their pj's...Mason just loves having his picture taken!

After we were in our jammies, we loaded up the car (hot chocolate in hand of course) and drove around listening to Christmas music and looking at Christmas lights.  It was a great end to the night!  Then Christmas morning we opened what Santa brought and the boys had fun playing with their new toys, I made breakfast and we loaded up the car to head to Gowrie...

I didn't take a lot of pics as I was trying to just enjoy the moment!

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