Tuesday, March 11, 2014

We're still hangin' in there...

We've had a very busy March so far and the rest of the month is busy, busy, busy!  Last weekend I was in Chicago for a fitness convention which was super fun but left me super sore...something about 6 hours of workouts all day Friday and Saturday.  But it was great!  We really enjoyed the brief warm-up we had.  We hit up the park 2 days in a row and it was amazing to see our neighborhood just come to life!  Everyone was outside and it was great meeting so many new people.  Brady made another new friend (who he just referred to as his best friend...ha ha) and has a play date coming up and is going to his birthday party.  Brady has really come out of his shell and talks to everyone...probably erring on the side of annoying--at least to the older kids at the park that he keeps insisting play with him!  Ha ha!  We have a wedding coming up this weekend in Omaha and Brady is looking forward to some pool time at the hotel.  It will be a big Petersen party, should be a ton of fun!  Here are just a few random shots from my phone---which is why the quality is less than stellar!

Getting ready to head to church

Mall fun!

Fun with mommy's broken sunglasses...

Big Brother had to get a pic too!

Yay for being outside!!

Daddy's Helper!

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