Friday, June 27, 2014

Girls Day!

Last Saturday I had some special guests from Omaha for a much-needed Girls Day!
We started the day off at our house and then headed to the East Village to hit up some shops and look around.  The first place we went in to had the perfect accessory for any home...
They had Mer-Men ornaments.  Maybe the rainbow flag outside should have given it away but it was hilarious!!!  If you're needing some mer-men for your collection, I know how to hook you up!

After hitting up the shops we headed towards the Farmer's Market and then hit up Dos Rios for some awesome lunch and a mid-day drink.  We talked for a long time and had the best time catching up!!
After Dos Rios we headed to Scratch for a sweet snack! 

After Scratch we came back to our house and chatted even more.  It was such a great day with these two.  I miss them SO much!  But we always pick right back up where we left these two!

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