Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Cowabunga Dudes!
Happy Halloween from our two Turtles!!!

Last night was Beggar's Night in Polk City and it was so much fun!  The boys got a TON of candy and we didn't even hit up most of the neighborhood.  What I love about Beggar's Night in PC is that everyone hands out their candy from their driveway so lots of people do fire pits, get chairs out, it's such a social event!  One house even gives out beer to the adults! 
Of course I don't want the boys having all that candy so last night the Candy Fairy came once again and swapped out that sugar for some toys!  Funny enough, I had somewhat forgotten about it but Brady asked if the Candy Fairy was coming because he was ready to pick out the 5 pieces he gets to keep!  Love it!

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