Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

We headed back to Kimballton for Easter (and for Kayla's bachelorette party which I'll post on later). Brady had a pretty high fever all day on Saturday so we didn't get to all of the egg hunts I was hoping for but mom and dad put some eggs out on their deck for Brady to find. Every time he found an egg he would proudly proclaim "I got it!". We did go up to the church in town for the kiddie hunt and luckily it was only for a few minutes. He got some candy and then we left...later that day he and Andy headed up to my grandma's for an Easter celebration while my mom and I headed to Exira for Kayla's bachelorette party. Then on Sunday, Brady still wasn't feeling so good so we weren't able to go to church. We headed to Scott and Jana's for brunch and he and Taryn had an Easter egg hunt practically to was really are some pics!

At the church they had a place for the kids to color and see the Easter bunny, etc prior to the big hunt

Someone was all tuckered out!

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