Friday, July 1, 2011

A Few Things...

This week has been a usual week in this Cathcart household. We have been busy and trying to keep cool (I think Summer is officially here). We go through the daily motions and sometimes forget just how blessed we are. With a 2 1/2 year old, life is never boring and we definitely find ourselves yelling more than we should, taking things too seriously and not enjoying this stage of Brady's life as much as we should. We tend to get wrapped up in the moment of when he's naughty (which happens a lot!) and can easily forget when he's the loving, kind and polite little boy he can be. I want to remember this stage in his life as a positive one so I thought that today I'd blog about the little things that I love so much about our little boy.

1. He is polite and uses his manners. This is something we instilled in him from the time he could even mutter words...and maybe it's because I work in a University and see just how rude kids can be and I vowed that my son would not act so entitled and rude. I love how whenever we get something for him, he always says 'Thank you Ma' or 'Thank you Da' (although it sounds more like 'Dee-Doo') and always asks please if he wants something. This is one trait that I hope he continues to have.

2. He is a Social Butterfly...He LOVES playing with other kids...the moment we get home, he asks where Luke, Joel and Jackson are and the second he sees them outside, he runs to the door and begs to go outside. He loves being social and around other kids no matter where we are...he tries to put himself right in to the group (even if the kids are years older than him).

3. He is VOCAL!!! Brady has some lungs on him and talks pretty much non-stop. But I love to hear him when he goes outside and sees his friends...he YELLS 'Hi Jack', 'Hi Joel', 'Hi Luke' and he keeps saying it until they say it back (and even if they don't, he keeps on saying it). :-) Everyday when I pick him up from daycare, he tells me this super long story (and usually I don't know what he's saying except for a couple of words) about his day and it just cracks me up. He also loves talking on the phone and I know all of his grandparents have heard quite a few of his 'stories'...

4. He is a Mama's Boy. I know this probably won't last too much longer but I am soaking it in right now. Whenever he gets done with his bath (which daddy usually does), he comes running in to our room looking for me. If he gets an 'owie' he has to have me kiss it...I'm gonna miss it when he prefers dad... :-)

5. He is compassionate. Whenever me or Andy have an 'Owie' he comes right over and kisses it. He can't stand to see other kids cry. When he's in the church's daycare and a kid gets dropped off and is upset, he goes over to the kid and gives them a hug and whatever toy he is playing with. Sometimes he 'over-shares' and continues to give other kids all the toys but I'd rather him be that way than not sharing. But don't get me wrong, he has issues with sharing just like most 2 1/2 year olds...he is no angel but we do see glimpses of it from time to time. We do our best to instill sharing and it is a work in progess.

So there's a small list of why our little guy is special to us. There are many more things we love to pieces about this litle boy but to keep this post short, we'll go with the Top 5. :-) I'm excited to see what else the 'Terrible 2's' will bring us. Although it's not that terrible (and I've heard 3 is worse! ha!) and we're enjoying the journey!

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