Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Potty Training Time!

Well starting yesterday our daycare provider was going to focus her efforts on getting Brady potty-trained. 6 of her usual kids are gone all week on vacation so it's just Brady, Cale and Riley. She thought this would be a great opportunity to try it out on him and she thinks he's ready. Now, you might think it's ridiculous that our daycare lady is taking the lead on this...if you know our son, you'd know he obeys and listens to others more than Andy and myself (which is good and bad). For instance, Lori can trim his finger and toe nails but won't let Andy or I come even close to him with a clipper...Anyway, I'm so proud to report that he is doing awesome! He's gone on the potty multiple times today and has only had one accident! Woo Hoo! Lori also said that he is VERY proud of himself and is beaming ear to ear. What a ham! Let's hope he does as good of a job with mommy and daddy tonight. I can't believe my baby is already getting potty trained. Makes me a little sad!!!

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