Monday, November 21, 2011

Productive Weekend

We had one crazy, productive weekend!
On Friday, I met my mom and dropped Mr. Brady off with her for them to take him for the weekend so Andy and I could get some stuff done. It's so much easier without a very curious (almost 3 year old) around. After meeting my mom, Andy met me in West Des Moines and we did some shopping, ordered Brady's birthday cake and then decided to go out for dinner at one of our favorites...Chicago Speakeasy. Yummo! It was soo good. Then we called it a night.
Our adventures on Saturday started at 6 a.m. We headed up to Mankato, MN to look at a car for Andy. He's been researching cars for so long and knew exactly what he wanted. And luckily the car we went to look at was just what he wanted! He got a 2011 Toyota Camry SE. He loves it! What wasn't great was how long the whole process took. Bless his heart but Andy is a bit of a perfectionist so he had them touch up a couple things on the car and it took longer than expected. So while he was dealing with that, I went and did a little more Christmas shopping (happy to report that we're more than 75% done already!). Then we headed home around 3 p.m. Well Minnesota got some nasty weather starting at noon that day so our drive was a little slow but we made it home around 6 p.m. We were both exhausted and went to bed somewhat early. Andy is very happy with our purchase...I'll post pics soon!
Then yesterday I did a little more shopping and then went back to my parents to get Brady and have lunch. Then he and I headed home (Andy stayed home to work on some things that needed done...i.e. his car and to hang Christmas lights). Once we were home, then it was time to get the Christmas stuff out. This is the only time we have until Christmas basically! So we have all of our decorations up and the tree. And Brady LOVES it! Every time he walks in to a room with a lighted tree (and we have several) he just points to it and says 'Look mommy, pretty tree'. I just love his enthusiasm over the holidays! This will be one fun Christmas this year! But first we have to get everything ready for his big 3rd Birthday party in less than 2 weeks!!! Yikes! Pics to come soon!

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