Friday, December 30, 2011

24 Weeks

Yesterday I hit the 24 week mark! The past week has been pretty good. Sleep is still a little harder to come by but that's to be expected. We've gotten a lot of things done in the baby's room over the past week. Andy painted the room (a very pale gray which will go with both the girl or boy bedding I've found at Pottery Barn). We moved the guest bed out, set up the crib, put in the glider/ottoman, nightstand and yesterday we picked up the dresser/changer at Suite Dreams. I also found lots of things I want to get there to accessorize the baby's room! Andy also found something he couldn't pass up...a UNI sleeper and hat for the baby while we're in the hospital (I have a feeling we'll be using that for newborn pics too!). UNI stuff is hard to come by! But so far we're just chugging right along here, getting excited for this baby!!!

I couldn't find a 24 week photo with Brady so here's the best comparison I have!

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