Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandpa

On Friday we headed back to my parents. Friday was my dad's birthday and we were having our Petersen family Christmases. As is usual, my dad had a basketball game but luckily it was a home game. We were able to go up to the girls game and stayed for most of the boys game. Brady loved watching the games. Lately he's been asking to watch basketball every night! He loves to watch teams shoot...he'll yell 'Shoot, shoot' and when they miss, he'll say 'shoot again' or 'Oh man'...everytime a shot was made (it didn't matter the team), he'd stand up and clap and cheer. Luckily for him grandpa took him up to the gym on Saturday morning to run around and to shoot some hoops. All he could talk about when he got back was that he got to 'shoot'...we may have a little baller on our hands!

Happy Birthday Grandpa (or as Brady calls him 'Pa')

Singing Happy Birthday

Helping 'Pa' open his gifts

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