Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What a Winter!

Last Thursday I picked Brady up from daycare and we went to the park! We had so much fun playing, he really enjoyed it!
We've been doing some fun stuff with our little man the past couple of weeks. We want to do as much with him as we can before this baby rocks his world! On Saturday, he got to go with Bryce, Luke, Daddy and Milo (Bryce's dog) to some conservation land and the boys ran around, threw sticks and rocks into the water and played hard with Milo. Then they had lunch at McD's. Then after his nap we went to his very first movie...We saw the Chipmunks movie and he LOVED it! He was mezmerized the whole time and would shout things out. It was so fun to watch him get so excited! Then on Sunday we went to the mall to run some errands and he got to play in the play area...he played hard! We're trying to find things for him to do that burns off some major energy!! Luckily this weather has really cooperated!

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