Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our Valentine's Day

Andy is always so thoughtful and sweet when it comes to Valentine's Day. I always tell him he really doesn't need to do anything but he always has something up his sleeve. He had given me a bouquet of tulips the weekend before and I told him that was enough, no more...well then when I got up early for work on Tuesday, there was another tulip bouquet waiting for me at the table with a sweet card. Tulips are my favorite flower! Later that night we exchanged some small gifts and he did a great job with new perfume, hair stuff that I wanted, an adorable picture frame with a picture of us and dark chocolate (my other fav). We had plans to go on a date tonight but Brady is sick and I'm home with we'll have to reschedule.
Brady had a great Valentine's Day. He was SO excited for his daycare party, it was all he could talk about and then we had to go through all his valentines when he got home. Apparently I wasn't a very good planner as we used up all his valentines on daycare friends and he still has some he needs to give to our neighbor me a job for today! We hope you all had a great V-day with your loved ones!

My beautiful tulips! Thanks honey!! I should have taken pics of the other ones too...oops!

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