Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Wheels on the Bus...

On Thursday me and the boys headed back to my parents to start the weekend a little early and also so we could go to the baseball game in Elk Horn on Thursday. Brady was in for a big surprise as on Friday he got to ride a school bus!!! He is obsessed with school buses and whenever we see one, he says he wants to ride one. Well lucky for him my dad had a freshman double header baseball game in a town about 15 miles away on Friday morning. So I took Brady up to the ball field so he could ride the bus with grandpa and the baseball boys. He was SO excited!!! I followed the bus to the ball field and picked him up after his ride. He had so much fun!!

With Grandpa in front of the bus

'Look at me mommy'
Of course he had to run the bases on the field before the game!

This picture kind of makes me sad...he's getting so big and it won't be long and he'll be riding a school bus for real...

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