Wednesday, February 20, 2013

10 Months Old

On the 12th our little guy turned 10 months old!  We're in double digits...I can't believe it!  I've already started planning his 1st birthday party.  We're going with a theme that he's obsessed with--Mickey Mouse Club House.  Any time the music for that show starts, he lights up and gets excited...he loves his Mickey!

Our little guy is scooting everywhere...a cross between an army crawl and a scoot.  It's too funny and he's fast!!
He is currently working on 3 new teeth and started meds for a nasty ear infection.  Poor guy has been very unhappy since Friday.  But he's getting better!!
He is also babbling like crazy and loves when you copy him!!
He is our little ray of sunshine and we love him so much!!

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