Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Denver Adventure...Part 1

On Thursday morning Andy and I headed on our trip to Denver, CO for a little Anniversary trip and for my cousin Michael's wedding.  We got to Denver around 5:30 p.m. and got checked in to our hotel and then asked the concierge for a recommendation for a fun Pub/Brewery to eat and have a drink after our long day of travel.  Our concierge gave us a wonderful recommendation, the food and drinks did not disappoint!  We were exhausted after a long day so after a relaxing dinner we headed back to the hotel.  Then on Friday we hit up this great outdoor outlet mall that had the best mountain view ever!  We scored some great deals and then ate lunch outside and took in the view.  Then it was on to IKEA for a little more shopping. 
Our initial plan for our trip was to do as many outdoor activities as possible but with the floods, etc we couldn't do the activities we had planned but we were determined to make the most of it and I really think we did!  After we got back to our hotel we decided to go for a run together.  The weather was perfect and we wanted to soak it up!  After our run we got cleaned up and headed towards downtown for a little more shopping and for dinner at Kona.  It was a great night, a very long day but SO much fun.  It's so nice to get away just the two of us!
On Saturday we met up with my parents, aunt & uncle and cousins and headed out to Red Rock Amphitheater.  It was amazing!!!  We hiked up as high as we could go and soaked in the beautiful view.  There were so many people working out up there, I was so jealous!  It looked so fun!!!
We didn't take many pics on Thursday and Friday but took many on Saturday...so here you go!

Yummy drinks on Thursday night!

Here are some pics from my phone of our Red Rocks Adventure!

Next up...the wedding!

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