Sunday, December 8, 2013


On Friday we did a little more celebrating our Birthday Boy!  We had his party last Sunday and I'll do a post on that as soon as I find my camera cord to download those far it's a casualty of our move!  Aghh!
Anyway, I picked Brady up at daycare a little after lunch and we headed to the theater to check out the movie Frozen.  It was such a cute movie!  After the movie, we ran to Target and ran a couple of errands. 
Then it was time for Andy and Mason to come home...and mommy headed out for dinner and drinks with friends.  So Andy took the boys out for dinner and they had some good boy bonding time! 

Brady posing in the Lego cut-out at the theater

He was SO excited and had his favorite...popcorn and m&m's!  No worries, that's water in his cup!

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