Monday, April 7, 2014

Fun Weekend

We had a very fun and busy weekend!  We kicked off the weekend with having our good friends Meredith and Jonny over for dinner while Brady had a birthday party at a friend in the neighborhood's.  He had a blast and we had so much fun catching up!  So glad they were able to come over!  It had been way too long.  We were too busy laughing and chatting to even remember to take any pics!  Brady was on cloud 9 after the birthday party! 
Then on Saturday, Steve and Kris came to town.  They stopped by our house and picked Brady up on their way to the Drury Inn in West DSM.  The kiddos were all able to play in the pool.  Shortly after, we headed that way and were able to hang out for a while.  Then we headed to Bang Bang for dinner.  After dinner Brady headed back to the hotel with Steve, Kris, Brad and kids and we made our way home with Mason.  It was a great night!  Here are a couple pics!

And then on Sunday we had Mason's 2nd Birthday Party!  Post to come!

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