Monday, April 28, 2014

Another Fun and Busy Weekend

Sunday was pretty much a wash in all aspects of the word but we had more than made up for it on Saturday.  We had one busy day!  I started the morning off with a 9-mile training run with some GV ladies.  Then it was time to get ready for Brady's game.  He was super excited as a special person was in the crowd...his teacher Mrs. Jacobs happened to be at our game as her nephew was playing as well.  He was SO excited (and probably showed off a little too much!!).  

Mason can't wait for his turn to play!

After the game, Brady took a quick rest and then we walked over to Travis and Ashley's so he could attend Tessa's 6th birthday (Mason was napping and Andy was busy putting in insulation).  At first he was a little apprehensive as he was the only boy but once the party got going (and the princesses came) he was more than okay with it and another boy did come later on!

All of these kiddos were star struck!

He was so excited for all the beads, prince hat and septor

Happy Birthday Tessa!
After the party we headed out west for dinner and to look at some hardware for the basement.  More to come on that later!  Drywall gets delivered this week and we are going to pick out the granite, etc this week (for the kitchenette/wet bar and bathroom). 

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