Friday, October 1, 2010

Grand View Viking 5K

On Saturday we had the Grand View Viking 5K (which was held on Homecoming weekend as well). I had many faculty, staff and students do a training program to prepare for the race. We had a great turnout despite the rain (which did hold off until right before we crossed the finish line). We borrowed Jenn and Jon's double jogging stroller to push Brady since we both wanted to run. It is such a nice stroller, it felt like it pushed itself (even up some crazy hard hills). The men's basketball coach has his team run the race and he told them that if the Academic Success Coordinator (Michelle) or us pushing a jogging stroller beat them that they'd be running extra in practice on Monday...well, I think we beat all the players except for a hand full. It was funny because anytime they'd see us coming, they'd start sprinting and say 'We can't let the stroller beat us'!! Ha ha! Andy and I ran together and did pretty well for pushing a stroller...we came in at 25 minutes. At the finish, Andy sprinted up ahead with Brady as a couple basketball boys were trying to race us...Andy won!

Before the race

Some of our group! They all did awesome!!!

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  1. Looks like it was a lot of fun!! Boy that brings back memories by the GV rock.