Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Belly Buttons...

Belly Buttons are Brady's new obsession! He will lift his shirt up and say 'Baaay Baaay', which translates to belly button. I had one of my fitness magazines by my bed and the girl on the cover had a bikini on and he was immediately obsessed with looking through the magazine and pointing out all of the belly buttons. He will come up to me and before I know it, he's trying to lift my shirt up to see mommy's belly button. Ha! Which isn't so great when you're out in public! One of the cutest things he does is lift his shirt up, climb up on my lap and he wants me to rub his belly. He will do this every night...what a silly boy! On Saturday night, Andy and I were watching a movie and one of the characters in the movie was pregnant and it showed her belly. Brady ran up to the t.v. and was saying 'Baaay Baaay'...at first we thought he was saying 'Baby' and we were wondering how on earth he knew there was a baby in there...but then we realized he was saying 'belly button' cuz then he pulled his shirt up and pointed to his...Ha!
When it's time for bed, Brady picks out a book for Daddy to read him and it's always this book: The Belly Button Book...

I wonder what his next obsession will be!

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