Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Recap

We've been pretty busy lately and blogging has taken a back seat. Here's what's going on in this Cathcart household:

1. Last Saturday I ran the Drake Half Marathon with my friend Mollie and we did a personal best at 1:46 for the half! We were very excited and happy with our race.

2. Door woes--our storm door (which took a beating in the wind a couple of times and has never really been all that sturdy) is out of it's time for a new one. It's one of those unexpected expenses but must be done and done right so we are going to go pick out a new door and have some work done on the door frame. Since we don't have a window in the front of our house, it's very important to have a storm door, especially when it's nice out, so that we can get some air moving and let in some sunshine!

3. Our summer is full of WEDDINGS!! I love weddings so to me it's exciting! We had one in April, my brother's in May, we have 2 in June, 1 in July, 2 in August and another in the fall...CRAZY! But it will be fun!

4. Tulip time! I'm so excited that this weekend is Tulip time in Pella...we are going to go over on Friday to get some dutch letters and see my favorite flowers--tulips! Growing up in a Danish community with that sense of tradtion (folk dancing, danish pastries, etc) it's fun to experience a Dutch take on it all!

5. Mission Organization: We've been working on getting the garage and storage areas organized. Andy bought some cabinets to hang in the garage and he was able to get it lookin' good!

6. Jabber Jabber...Brady has been talking up a storm and it's so funny and sweet to hear. He is making full sentences and using new words every day. He keeps us on our toes and is such a fireball! He has one speed: warp-speed! Ha ha!

7. Family vacation! We booked a trip to the Wisconsin Dells in June! We are excited to take Brady up there and have fun in the waterpark and have some fun family time.

So that's a recap of a few things we have going's going to be one busy summer but it will be a fun one!

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