Monday, May 23, 2011

Nick and Kayla's Big Day!

Saturday was a wonderful day!!! It was my brother Nick's wedding day! We are so excited to have Kayla as a part of our family. Their day was absolutely gorgeous. They got married in The Glass Chapel by Shelby, IA (which is breathtaking) and had a fun reception at the Greenbriar Golf Course (they've completely remodeled it and it's beautiful!). We were so blessed to be a part of their day. All 3 of us were in the wedding and Brady did an amazing job as ringbearer! I couldn't believe it! He walked right down the aisle...and then proceeded to walk back down it but luckily Heath and Eric (the ushers) were in the back and then sent him back down after Kayla was up the aisle. He then went to Andy and then came right over to me and I held him for the service...which was short and sweet! Whenever we'd pray and say 'Amen' he would then repeat Amen loudly after everyone was done saying it...too cute! After the wedding we headed to the reception in a limo---but you always need some unexpected thing to occur---the limo BLEW a tire...not a flat but a full blown blow out!! And they had NO here we are (only about 7 miles away luckily) on the side of the highway and people thought we were just stopped to take pictures or something cuz people would just drive by and honk...too funny! Luckily the photographer was there and got to capture it all---we just had fun with it. We called in come reinforcements (mini-van drivers), and then headed to the reception. It was a wonderful night, SO fun and beautiful! We are so happy for Nick and Kayla (who looked amazing!!!). Now they are going on their honeymoon to Punta Cana...we're so jealous!!

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