Thursday, June 9, 2011

Family Vacation!

We headed up to the Wisconsin Dells early Sunday morning for a family-fun vacation! We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge and had an amazing time! The resort has 4 indoor and 4 outdoor water parks. They also had tons other things you could do there, golfing, restaurants, we walked around the Dells area and hit up some shopping, etc. We were so lucky and had picture perfect the 90s and sunny! So we spent 3 full days taking in the sun, playing in the water, taking walks and enjoying family time together. Brady loved the water and going downt he slides, etc. He preferred the outdoor parks to the indoor ones which was just fine with me since we could get some good sun! Bed time was a little interesting since he goes to bed around 8 but we had a suite that had a partition so it wasn't so bad. Andy had a ton of fun going down some of the big slides (which there were a lot of). We had a great time and are already discussing when we could go back! Now here is an overload of pictures!

This is how we were able to get Brady calmed down and relaxed befor bed...watching Caillou (which neither Andy nor I can stand!!) Ha ha!

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  1. Such a fun place, glad you guys had a good time!