Monday, June 20, 2011

Family Wedding

On Saturday we had another wedding!!! This would be #4 so far this summer but I love going to weddings, they're so much fun! Brock, Andy's cousin was the lucky groom this weekend. We only went to the reception because Brady doesn't do well sitting through a ceremony and we don't want to be 'those people' with 'that kid' that disrupts a big day for the couple. The reception was in Carroll at the Santa Maria Winery and one word sums the place up---WOW! It's a beautiful place and I must say that their peach wine is my new favorite! We had a wonderful dinner, yummy cake, got to catch up with family and enjoy Brock and Danni's day. We had lots of fun and we all got to sleep in a little the next day!

Mr and Mrs Anderson

This beautiful fountain was way too tempting for the Cathcart boys...Brady got soaked...oh well!

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