Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Very Special Sunday

On Sunday we had lots of special events going on.  First we all headed to church to see Brady sing (for his first time in church) with all the other vacation bible school kiddos and he totally LOVED it!  He had VBS all last week and every day that we'd pick him up, he couldn't wait to go back.  His teachers told us every night that he was so good and was so excited to sing and dance (must get that from daddy!).  On Sunday a couple of the other teachers that didn't have Brady said they were so happy to see him on Sunday for the concert because he was so much fun and they could tell that he really loved the music!  He had been practicing all weekend as he was given a CD of all the songs...it's still on heavy rotation at our house!

Then it was Mason's turn...it was his special day.  He was being baptized.  We had all our family there and it was a special time for us.  Mason's sponsors are Bryce and Meggie and we were so honored that they agreed to be a part Mason's day.  After church we all headed to our house for lunch and the kiddos got to play outside...it was a great day!

 Brady is hard to see but he's in white in the front

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