Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Fun Weekend

We had a great weekend!  On Friday my parents came and took Brady for the weekend.  While he was having fun going to the Farmer's Market (in Harlan), shopping for new toys, going on grandpa's boat (although they couldn't go in the motors allowed...bummer), going to the beach (no going in the water...too gross I guess...), throwing rocks into the lake, playing ball and getting completely spoiled, we were busy with some fun of our own.  On Saturday morning we headed downtown to the Farmer's Market and had a great time enjoying the weather and taking it all in.  We also got to see Kris as she was in town with a friend at the market.  Then we headed west for lots of errands, shopping and eating lunch.  Then we came home, napped and got ready to meet up my Abby & Scott at Jethro's for dinner.  It was great seeing them, it had been far too long and we hope to see them again soon!
Then on Sunday we picked up Nick in Waukee and headed back to Kimballton.  We had lots of fun playing and eating a yummy lunch.  It was great to see Chris and JoAnna too.  We checked out mom and dad's new wheels and then headed up to the new brewery/cafe in Elk Horn for some yummy gelato!  It was awesome!  We can't wait to go back for more gelato and to try their wood-fired pizzas--serious yumm-o!
All in all, great weekend!

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