Tuesday, August 7, 2012

And then the rain came...

We had such fun plans set up for Saturday.  We were going to hit the parade in Maxwell (where our good friend Jen is from), eat lunch in town and the kids were going to go on some rides.  It all started out great....The boys were SO excited to get lots of candy, see some fire trucks, etc...

 Don't they look 'ready' for the parade to start?  Well they got some candy and the parade got going and then....RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 So we moved in to the Fire Station for some cover...here's our group trying to stay dry and keep the kids from going crazy!
 Luckily in small towns, they let your kiddos get in the fire trucks, pretend to drive them and then give the kids lots more candy!
Mason didn't quite know what to think!

Long story (somewhat) short...the rain let up a little and it looked like the rain and storms were going to hang around a while...so we loaded up and headed home...but Brady still got lots of candy and we all got a funny memory!

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