Friday, August 10, 2012

Fit Friday

Well so much for posting on here regarding my fitness journey back from baby #2!  I'll try to do better! 
I was really getting back in the groove of running again and could do 5-6 miles pretty comfortably...then tragedy struck!  I thought I had just stubbed my toe on our new sectional in the basement...well 2 weeks later, still bruising and a toe/foot that wasn't feeling any better, I decided to go to the doctor...yep, toe broken in 2 spots...awesome-sauce!  Which means NO running for 4-6 weeks!
And I had just bought me one of these beauties!
A Nike GPS watch so I could track my distance, mile splits and time better...guess I'll just have to wait to really break this beauty in!  So I've been stuck on the elliptical and strength training.  At least I can do some exercise but no group fitness classes either.  Aghh! 

I've tried not to let it get me down and fortunately I'm back within 8 lbs of my pre-pregnancy I'm hoping to kick it into high gear over the next month or two!  We're planning another couples tropical trip (we're thinking Punta Cana or maybe the Caribbean) this winter so there's added incentive to work hard! 
Here's to hoping for a speedy recovery!!  I only have 7 weeks until the Omaha Half Marathon...not sure how my training will go with only 2-3 weeks towards the end to get ready for it but I'm gonna give it the 'ole college try...

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