Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Good Friday--1st Hair Cut

On Friday we had an action-packed and fun-filled day!  We started the day off by taking the boys out for breakfast at Reising Sun in Polk City.  We had a yummy breakfast and a great start to the day!  Then Andy headed to work for a few hours, I took the boys home and Mason napped.  Once he was up we headed to West Des Moines to hit up the mall and a few other stores we needed to get to.  Then Andy met us for lunch.  Then he took the boys home and I did some more shopping/errand running.  After I got home we took Mason to get his first hair cut.  Nothing major but wanted to get the hair around his ears trimmed up and get rid of his mini-mullet in the back...ha ha!  He definitely has some curl to his hair so it gets a little out of control.  I forgot my camera during our day except for the hair cut!  Mason did pretty well--he wasn't so sure about it all at first but he really liked the blow dryer at the end!

 Look at those baby blues!  The 'Before' Shot

Mommy had to hold him down a little...
He decided it wasn't so bad after all!

Our handsome guy!

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