Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Big Day

While we are super excited for his birthday bash this weekend, we had to celebrate our little guy's big day with our family of 4 on Friday.  He got to open his gifts and have a yummy cupcake (of course we had to sing to him by the insistence of big brother).  How did this year go by already?  We can't wait for family and friends to come over and celebrate this little cutie's big day!

 Big brother was a good helper opening gifts
He loves that his Mickey sings the Hot Dog Dance!

These blocks are his absolute favorite!

Mason is definitely our 'Cathcart'

Cupcake time!

I'm gonna try to get this whole thing in my mouth in one bite!

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  1. Your boys are so cute but you two (Mindy and Andy) look fabulous. Love the spring colors. Mason's argyle sweater brings back fond memories.

    Nels and Cindy