Friday, May 30, 2014

Making Progress

We have been busy making this house our home.  We have multiple projects going on right now!  It's exciting and exhausting!
The biggest project is finishing the basement (I will post pics soon).  It's been a large undertaking to say the least!  We decided to finish roughly 1400 of the 2000 sq ft we have down there.  This weekend the painters should finish up, next week the kitchenette/wet bar will be installed, then the wood flooring/carpeting, stone backsplash for wet bar and fireplace are after that and then just the finishing touches!  So in roughly 2 weeks it should be wrapped up!  Amen!!!  We're looking forward for it to be done!
Andy is also tackling some outdoor projects. 
One big thing is painting the trim...we've both had issues with the red trim from the get-go. 
Here is the before picture:

The work in progress...

Looks SO much better already!  I'll post pics when it's 100% completed!
Andy has also been tackling some landscaping and he will also be re-doing the deck.  Fun times!!!

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