Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tivoli Fail

Memorial Day weekend is Tivoli Fest in Elk Horn/Kimballton.  It's always a super fun weekend and this year was no exception!  We headed back Friday so Andy could golf in the annual golf tourney.  The boys and I hung out, went to the park, etc.
Then on Saturday we headed up for the parade, which was great!  We walked around a little, talked to friends then headed back to my parents for lunch and so Mason could nap.  While Mason napped we headed back uptown to check out all the vendors and get Brady a treat, etc.  There were so many great vendors and the streets were so full!  After that we headed to the Beer-in-Hand Wiffleball tourney.  We decided not to play this year but we did go and watch and Brady got to play a little (no beer involved of course). 
After that we got cleaned up, ate some dinner and then headed back uptown for the band and the Iowa Craft Beer Tent which was great---for those that like beer (not this girl).  Once again, we were able to see old friends and just have a fun night (the boys had a babysitter).
All in all, it was an awesome Tivoli!  Only one problem---I took literally NO pictures!  Ha ha!

 I snapped a few of Mason before the parade and that's it...aghh!  There's always next year I guess! :-)

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