Monday, January 31, 2011

What Brady's Into

Brady is becoming such a big boy! He is really starting to get his own personality and establishing his likes and dislikes! So I thought I'd do a little update on his favorite things!

His favorite foods: Yogurt (he LOVES it!), Tyson all-natural chicken strips (these are awesome! They're not pre-cooked and there are no additives, all real white meat chicken, we get these at Costco), Sweet potato fries (another great Costco and really yummy), and his favorite treats are Annie's organic graham treats (they come in a big box of snack packs with chocolate chip, chocolate, honey and cheddar), and the organic apple slices from Costco.

Favorite Drinks: Well this one is pretty boring. I only let him have milk (he's on skim now) and water...not too exciting but he's never liked juice of any kind so it keeps it simple.

Favorite shows: Much to my disappointment Brady has started to get in to t.v. I loved it that he had NO interest in it just a few short weeks ago but unfortunately he is starting to get hooked. Luckily all the shows he likes are on PBS and educational. We don't let him watch too much t.v. as I would much rather have him be active and play (luckily he is ALL BOY and loves to play ball of any kind). His all time favorite show is Super Why. He loves it! He also likes Curious George, Dinosaur Train and Calliou (I just love how he sings the intro song to this show...too cute!)

A friend of mine has a little boy who also loves Super Why and dressed him up as a character for Halloween...I'm already on a hunt for him to be Wyatt next year!

Favorite Books:: Brady loves being read to. His favorite books are: Guess How much I love you, his word book, alphabet book (he knows almost all of the alpahbet so far), and his all time favorite book is 'Daddy Loves Me'.

Favorite Activities: Brady really enjoys kicking his soccer ball (or any ball) into his soccer goal (he can get some real air under his kick (as we've witnessed many times as he's hit all of the pictures we have hanging on the walls), he likes to shoot hoops and has become quite a little helper in the kitchen. He likes to help me empty the dishwasher and help me cook. He is such a great helper!

Here's a picture of our big boy...he just seems so grown up in this picture!!!

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