Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Brady Update

I thought that today I'd do a little update on our little monkey. He is one busy boy these days! He is super active and only has one speed--TURBO! Yesterday he mastered the ability to catch a football! He and I played catch for about 45 minutes straight. He LOVES it. And he can throw pretty well, most of his throws were straight to me and he just might throw a better spiral than I do (that's not saying much, I know).
He is SO attached to Monkey, Bear and Coco (his other monkey). He carries them with him everywhere and so it gets to be a challenge to pick him up when he's holding all 3. I have pictures to post tomorrow of his friends. He also has to have Whale and Puppy in bed with him. Don't you just love our original names for his friends? Ha ha! I'm just not very creative!
He is sleeping pretty well at night. He goes to bed at 8:00 p.m. and gets up around 6:30 a.m. Daddy puts him to bed every night and I get to get him up most mornings. He isn't much of a morning person at first. He really has to warm up to the day.
He is saying more words. A few of his new ones are Please (peas), Thank you (sounds more like dank-do, it's so cute), Sorry (sowwy), More, Night-Night (nigh-nigh). Yesterday as we were driving from daycare to run a coupld errands, we passed a field of cows and I hear 'mmmmmmm' coming from the back seat (that is his Mooo sound) so he is really comprehending the whole animal/sound thing. He can correctly give the sounds to his play animals. It is just so fun to see him learn and grow.
Last night we went to the first Grand View home Girls Basketball game. He was really shy at first but after a while he was cheering right along and clapping and dancing to the music. Although I think his favorite part was the popcorn. We had to leave at half time so we could get him home to bed. We ended up losing in double overtime...bummer! I'm so glad that we'll be able to go to a ton of games over the winter, we will need to get out of house as Brady will go stir-crazy!

Below is the picture that was taken at Bass Pro that they gave out...I promise it's the last Halloween pic!

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