Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A couple of Brady 'Funnys'

Here are a couple of funny stories from our little monkey!

I got a call this morning from Andy and he said that there was a little 'issue' that happened at our house this morning...Brady locked him out of the house!!! Andy's car has been parked outside while he and Bryce have been finishing up the home improvement project (they need the garage as work space). Andy went out the front door to do something quickly outside and Brady shut the door behind him and locked it! The garage was closed, Andy didn't have any keys with him and all the doors were locked...he said he finally got Brady to unlock the door. Guess it's time to put some child-proofing on the door handles!

One other funny thing Brady has been doing lately:
Whenever there is a song on and we're singing along (or sometimes Andy just breaks in to song), Brady will put his finger up to his mouth and go 'shhhhh' 'shhhhh'...I think he's trying to tell us that we're bad singers! Ha ha!

A couple fun stories for the day...sorry, no pictures today!

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