Friday, March 23, 2012

My How Things Change...

Never once in my early 20's during my care-free life did I foresee that one of the greatest things that could happen would be getting a picture text message from my daycare provider of the poop that my son so proudly pushed out into her toilet this morning...but I gotta tell ya--I let out a little yell (was subconsciously cheering for Brady in my mind and saying things like 'We're so proud of you' and 'Good Job Buddy') in my office and made me want to pick him up early from daycare to celebrate this HUGE accomplishment! Ha ha!
We've been battling the #2 issue with his potty training...everything else has been golden but for some reason no bribery trick, motivational technique or scare tactic has worked (not that we really tried to scare him by any means...). Little stinker knows when he has to go #2 and will ask for a pull-up and will sneak away to some corner of the house, do his business and want his Thomas, Percy or James underwear back on and proceed like everything is right in the world...he's thinking 'at least I didn't have to go on the potty'. Oh he has us trained so well!
We'll see if he will continue with this new-found daycare all of the kids cheered for him after he was done and I think he was feeling like pretty big stuff when all was said and done and not to mention he was treated with a Skittle or two...guess I better stop at the store for some Skittles on my way home today.
Never once in my life did I think I'd be sitting here blogging about poop...but here I am...My how things change...

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  1. My oldest had the same issue. He would wear big boy underwear until #2 came and then he would ask for a pull-up. It's only a matter of time. I've done some reading about this and for some reason, this is a funny issue that a lot of little boys deal with. Keep up the cheering!
    P.S. Thanks so much for putting a link of my blog on your page! I've gotten a load of traffic from it! You are the best!