Friday, March 16, 2012

Where we've been...

We have been way too busy playing in sand, swinging on swings, going down slides, going on walks, running all over the yard, shooting hoops, throwing and kicking balls, driving small police cars, playing with friends, eating snacks outside, getting dirty, catching up with neighbors and having time to blog!!!
Everyday this week I've picked Brady up early from daycare and we've been outside until it's time for doesn't leave much time to sit at the computer and post blog entries. We really want to enjoy this time we have of just a family of 3 and play, play, play! Brady, Luke, Jackson and Joel have gotten to play together every night this week for hours and they just love it! Plus it gives us grown-ups some time outside to catch up. Love this weather!!!

I will try to do some real posts this weekend but no promises! :-)

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